About Us

Gippsland NDT Services Pty Ltd (‘GNDT’) was founded in 2008. GNDT specialises in non-destructive testing (NDT). This involves a wide group of analysis tests and techniques to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage.

GNDT technicians are highly skilled in choosing techniques and applying an understanding of engineering to support their clients to get answers to the following types of questions about the condition of an asset:

  • Does a component, fabricated structure of vessel comply with the applicable standards?
  • Are welds correctly fabricated?
  • Are there cracks and/or significant flaws in a component? What size are they?
  • How is corrosion affecting a component, structure or vessel?
  • How are operating conditions affecting an asset?
  • Which inspection method will deliver the appropriate level of Probability of Detection (POD)?

GNDT is a highly regulated business as some tests use radioactive materials. In addition to Federal Government requirements, the business operates under a management license from the Victorian Health Department for the governance, use and storage of radioactive materials. Each technician is individually licensed to use radioactive material. GNDT has NATA certification for laboratory quality management system and technical competence.